Scheduling the test session

Our mutual client will reach out to you initially, then we will make contact to arrange a test session time slot - this time slot will be an hour long, the latter half of which a Jomablue Support team member will be available to verify test output and provide any assistance if required. We will typically schedule a stream test for a week prior to the first event day - note that this test must replicate the production environment.

Getting ready for the test session

Once we have confirmed a time slot for the test session, we will send you the following:

  • RTMP Ingest URL

  • RTMP Stream Key

  • Stream Monitoring URL

You'll need to enter the RTMP Ingest URL and Stream Key into your encoder - which will also require the following encoder profile:

  • Output resolution: 1920 x 1080

  • Video bitrate: 6000kbps

  • Audio bitrate: 96kbps

Note that the streaming provider we use is 5Stream - this provider does not require a username or password to authenticate the stream when setting it up - so if your encoder has a username or password field you can leave them blank.

During the test session

The test session will be an hour in duration, split into two halves.

The first half hour will be a chance for you to get everything running, and then verifying that the stream is running correctly using the provided Stream Monitoring URL (note that there will be a roughly 30 second delay between input and output).

During this test you'll need to:

  • Verify that audio and video are in sync on the Stream Monitor (either by lip sync testing or playing a dedicated sync video clip if you have one)

  • Verify that the video quality on the Stream Monitor is good (no frames dropped or compression artifacts), and that the bandwidth is sufficient - if you have any pre-recorded video content then playing that is a great way to test this

For the second half of the test, a Jomablue team member will be available to assist you if required and verify everything is working as intended - we will be using the same Stream Monitor to verify the output.

After the test stream

After successfully completing the test, we will reach out to the client to report the results of the test. We will also provide you with the production streaming details and Stream Monitor URL for you to enter into your encoder prior to the first session.

On event days, we schedule our production live stream windows to start 30 mins before a session is due to start (except for the first session of the day - for which we allow 60 mins of time), and the time slot will end 30 mins after the scheduled end time (the official start and end times are provided to us by the client).

We will also check in with you on the morning of each event day so we are all confident that we're set up for success!

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