User Requirements

  • Jomablue Enterprise with Community Plus edition

  • Active Zoom account (Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account)

  • Zoom desktop client version 4.0 or higher on PC or a Mac

  • Zoom mobile client version 5.4.0 or higher on Android or iOS

  • Custom Live Streaming service is enabled on your account.

Zoom for Jomablue Community Plus

Jomablue supports Zoom live streaming for Community Plus members. The host of the Zoom Meeting streams their meeting directly to the Jomablue platform through a custom live streaming service such as Zoom, as seen in the diagram above. As the host of the meeting, you will be responsible for ensuring the meeting is set up correctly. Here is how Jomablue facilitates your live streaming session with Zoom:

  • Arrange practise sessions before the event day with the session speakers and provide training on the primary mechanism of Zoom, and how to conduct the live stream session in an optimal environment. This acts as a dress rehearsal before the actual session.

  • Provide technical support before and during the session by ensuring the internet connection for both the host and speaker is stable for optimal video and sound quality.

  • Guide how the speaker can share content effectively via the Zoom meeting, e.g. videos or presentations.

  • Train the users on how to use Zoom for live streaming and what they can expect from the experience.

  • While the session is live, a Jomablue technical support person is on standby to provide instant basic troubleshooting.

  • Provide essential guidelines on what you can do to improve the audience experience and increase the professionalism of your presentation. You can check out the guidelines on this link.

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