You can live stream your content via Zoom and streaming service into a Jomablue Community Plus site. Here is the short guide on how to set up Zoom to live stream your session.

User Requirements

  • Jomablue Enterprise with Community Plus edition

  • Active Zoom account (Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account)

  • The Host/ Co-hosts has a Zoom Webinar add-on

  • Zoom desktop client version 4.0 or higher on PC or a Mac

  • Zoom mobile client version 5.4.0 or higher on Android or iOS

  • Custom Live Streaming service is enabled on your account.

How to Live Stream your Zoom Meeting

Note: The following steps need only to be completed once:

1. Sign in to to your organisation’s Zoom account through a web browser ( and click settings and then click In Meeting (Advanced)

2. Ensure “Custom Live Streaming Service” is activated

Note: If you are unable to locate this setting, it may mean you are not an admin in Zoom. Please contact your organisation’s IT Department to enable this setting for you.

Note: The following steps need to be completed for each session:

1. Schedule the Zoom meeting 30 minutes prior to the actual scheduled session start time.

2. As the meeting host, select More > “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.”

3. Enter the Details as provided, and press Go Live

  • Streaming URL: (A rtmp:// address – provided by Jomablue)

  • Streaming Key: (supplied by Jomablue)

  • Live streaming page URL: (Enter

Note: Jomablue will be providing these details to the client in advance.

4. Please wait while Zoom prepares your live stream

5. You will see a confirmation page appear and zoom meeting will now indicate it is live streaming. You can see the status and control the stream from your zoom meeting window.

6. Click save to save your live streaming settings.


  • If you see the following error, check the details you entered and ensure it's within 25m of the scheduled stream time, any earlier, and you won’t be able to start the stream.

  • In case the details are entered incorrectly - the user will need to log in to the Zoom Web Portal ( Click Meetings, select the relevant Meeting, scroll down to Live Streaming and click edit to re-enter the correct streaming details.

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