Jomablue equips you with the skills and support required to live stream your content via Zoom Meetings through streaming service into a Jomablue Community Plus site. Here is the basic guideline on how to make your Zoom Live Stream a success.

User Requirements

  • Jomablue Enterprise with Community Plus edition

  • Active Zoom account (Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account)

  • The Host/ Co-hosts has a Zoom Webinar add-on

  • Zoom desktop client version 4.0 or higher on PC or a Mac

  • Zoom mobile client version 5.4.0 or higher on Android or iOS

  • Custom live streaming service is enabled on your account

Basic Guidelines to make Zoom Stream a Success

Before the Zoom Live Stream

  • Event organisers to schedule a practice Zoom live stream session with Jomablue to iron out any discrepancies or confusion you have over the live stream session, and you understand the controls and mechanics of live streaming on Zoom correctly.

  • The event organisers to schedule the practice sessions with each speaker to make them prepared for the actual event day.

  • In-case of numerous live stream sessions, make sure that there are multiple Zoom accounts available for overlapping sessions since only one session can be conducted on the single Zoom account at one instance.

  • The device of your choice (tab, laptop or PC) have Zoom installed, and your account is active.

  • Make sure that the device is well-charged, and have a functioning video (webcam/ camera) and audio (microphone/ speaker) features. Any webcam that is 1080p or greater works best.

  • Set the passcode to the meeting and only share with the registered audience to prevent any uninvited guests from joining.

  • Zoom meeting is to be set up at least half-hour before the start of the live stream and 15 minutes after post events to allow for 30 minutes practice and 15 minutes post-session over run time.

  • Internet connectivity of the production environment is stable, and the internet speed is sufficient. (you can check the internet speed through ) It is recommended to have at least 5mbps for download, and 10mbps for upload for decent video quality.

  • Close any backend applications, windows and tabs that can be distracting before the zoom live stream.

  • Keep your images & videos open that you intend to share with the audience before the session.

  • Close any other applications that use the camera/microphone.

During the Zoom Live Stream

  • Close any background syncing apps like Google Drive or Dropbox during the live stream to ensure everything goes smooth.

  • In addition to joining the live stream as a host, you should join in as a regular attendee as well through another Zoom account. This gives you a view of what precisely the attendee sees and you get to deliver the experience as intended.

  • Make sure that the environment is well lit with a minimal background setting to keep the audience from distracting.

  • When sharing your screen with the audience, make sure:

a- Share Computer Sound

b- Optimise Screen Sharing for Video Clip

  • Consider using a video player that is suitable for all video formats ( VLC player or something similar). Make sure the video player has sound on when playing the video.

  • Keep the background noise minimal. This can be achieved by a lapel microphone or a headphone with a mic.

  • Don’t have a private conversation near the active microphone.

After the Zoom Live Stream

  • Streaming stops when you end the webinar or meeting, make sure that you hit the ‘stop live stream’ to end the session. It will again ask for the confirmation to end the session before the session actually ends.

General Tips

  • It’s recommended to have a backup of everything- computer, cords, battery, etc. so just-in-case anything goes wrong, there is a backup nearby.

  • It’s recommended for the speakers not to conduct the session in the swirling chairs, as it may be distracting for the audience.

  • Use a water bottle, not the glass and ensure it is removed from any electrical equipment.

  • Keep the distractions at bay, for example, have a light snack or refresh yourself before the session to keep you comfortable throughout the live stream session.

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