User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

  • A user is required to have administrator privileges setup/edit Canvases

Understanding a Canvas

Jomablue is a feature-rich online platform, where Community Plus feature allows you to host content for virtual and hybrid events. It includes configurable pages to support content and features. Each page is designed using what is called a Canvas. A Canvas is a flexible and configurable container of elements & engagement tools.

A Canvas is made of three layers: Layout, Flex, & Block.

The first two layers are the Layout & Flex, they both represent the positioning and dimensions of the content that displays on a page. The final layer is the Block that represents the type of content or feature that is displayed, type of content varies according to the Block Type.

A layout is a horizontal container that can contain several vertical & customisable Flexes. Each Flex can have multiple configurable Blocks. Different Block types provide different content. Examples are Featured Sessions, Featured Speakers, Featured Vendors. Blocks can also be used to provide interactions for attendees such as Live Chat, Q&A (using 3rd-party plug-ins) or Intelligent Networking. Check out this article to find out more about the components of Canvas.

Canvas’ Features

  • Within Jomablue, event organisers are given the option to build/ edit the Canvas by using Jomablue templates or build a custom layout.

  • A Canvas page can be assigned to pages, examples are:

1. Lobby (Front-page of the event, Welcome Page)

2. Session Room

3. Vendor (Sponsor)

4. Custom Pages

  • A Canvas can be set as active or inactive. An active Canvas is accessible within a pre-set start and end time whereas inactive Canvas is not visible till it’s made active again.

  • A Canvas is updated every two minutes, so any changes made in the Canvas will reflect to users within two minutes.

  • Only one Canvas can be active at a time on Lobby, Session, or Vendor Page at any given time.

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