User Requirements

  • Must have Jomablue Community Plus license

  • A user is required to have administrator privileges to set up/edit Canvases

Anatomy of a Canvas

Layouts, Flexes, and Blocks are the components of Canvas. Think of Canvas as a parent container that contains a series of layers and is fixed in height and width. The Layout is the first layer within the Canvas with a fixed width but with adjustable height. The Layout contains Flex that has flexible width and height. The Flex contains Blocks that are the actual content. The type of content and display varies as per the Block Type. Let’s look into these components of a Canvas in more detail.


A Layout is the first layer on the Canvas. These are added in the horizontal (in-line) sequence in a Canvas. There can be one or more layouts in one Canvas. A single layout can contain multiple Flexes and Blocks. There is no configuration required when adding the Layout on the Canvas.


A Flex is the second layer on the Canvas and is a flexible container of blocks that reside within the layout. Flexes are designed to respond to the width of the browser window that they are viewed in. This makes the content responsive and as easy to consume on a desktop browser or a mobile device. The browser window is divided into 12 virtual columns, and Flexes can be configured to span one or more of these columns.


Blocks are the actual content that provides a diverse range of functionalities. Examples are Live Stream Block, Featured Session Block, Live Chat Block, Video On Demand (VOD) Block, Video Tables, etc.

Blocks are the third layer on the Canvas and are added within a Flex. A Block can be resized according to the Flex’s width and browser’s window.

The Blocks are highly configurable and can be uniquely customizable as per the Block Type. There are currently a wide variety of blocks types, to find out more about these, click on this link.

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