User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

What is a Block?

A Block contains configurable content that is displayed on a Canvas. Content can be images, text or a video, or it can be interactive features such as Live Chat, Q&A Poll, etc. There can be multiple Blocks on a Canvas. A Block type can be selected when adding a new Block in the Canvas, it defines what type of content is displayed on a Canvas.

Block’s Features

  • Some of the Blocks are highly configurable and can be configurable as per their block type.

  • Once the Block type is selected, it’s recommended to name the Block, so it is easily identifiable when viewed alongside other Blocks on a Canvas. Ensure that the naming convention of the Block follows a standard practice as the name you give to a Block will be visible in reporting as well.

  • Once a Block type is selected, you can now switch to activate it, configure it and add automation.

  • The width of the block is defined as per the Flex it is attached to.

  • Each Block will automatically resize itself as per the Flex it attached itself and the width of the browser window

  • A Block can be made active or inactive. An active block is visible on the Canvas whereas an inactive block is not visible.

  • While each block type has specific configurable options, some common ones are the name of the Block, the title of the Block, visibility start and end time of the Block.

Block Types

Block Type

What does it do


Live Reaction

Allow an attendee to react to the content and see others reacting in real-time.


Enables an attendee to review networking recommendations, initiate Connections with other attendees, manage Connection Requests, and view a list of all attendees who have opted-in to allowing Networking.

Custom Ad

Promote content through images and text. Also records data points when an attendee clicks on the Custom Ad Block.

Featured Sessions

Displays a list of one or more Sessions.

Featured Speakers

Displays a list of one or more Speakers.

Featured Vendors

Displays the logo (and optionally name) of one or more Vendors.

File Download

Lists files available for download.

Image Slider

A carousel of images.

Live Chat

Enables attendees to chat with other attendees in real-time.

Pigeonhole Live

A 3rd party plug-in providing text-based Q&A and Polls.

A third party plug-in providing Q&A and Polls.

Vendor Lead Capture

A configurable feature allowing a user to submit themselves as a Lead for a Vendor.

More information on the Vendor Lead Capture.

Video Tables

Attendees can join and talk to others with video/audio.

More information on the Video Tables Block.

Vimeo VOD (Video on Demand)

A 3rd party plug-in providing Video-On-Demand.

More information on the Vimeo VOD Block.

Live Stream

Providing a Live Stream when using Jomablue managed streaming.

DaCast Player

Allows an event organiser to embed their own DaCast Live Stream.

WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get)

A Block that contains images and formatted text.

Block Interactions and Actions

A number of Block Types record data when a user interacts with them - these are called Block Interactions. You can automate interaction with an action a Block. For example, if an attendee clicks on this Block, automatically add a custom field to the person’s record or automatically trigger SMS or email to the attendee’s stored contact information.

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