User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

The Live Reaction block is a fun interactive addition to the wide range of content and interaction Blocks. It enhances the attendee's experience by adding a little splash of colour, liveliness, and engaging attendees to ‘express’ their point of view. It is designed to be used with Live stream sessions.

What does Live Reaction Block do?

The ‘react’ emoticons allow attendees to react in real-time to a live stream session with the emoji they can most relate to during the session. It encourages the attendees to participate more and spark a response to the content. And while it may look like a ‘react’ tab is a fun experience for the attendees, for the organisers, it provides a better analysis of attendees' reaction to the content. It helps organisers understand what content is generating most reactions and resonating with the attendees.

Live Reaction Block Features

The Live Reaction Block is configurable and comes with its own set of features, such as:

Adding & Removing a Reaction

Between 2 to 5 reactions can be displayed on the tab. Given below is the default reaction tab, it contains the following reaction: Like, Love, Celebrate, interesting, unsure.

Custom Reactions

All the icons, labels, and colours are customizable within the Reaction block. There is also an option of providing a text label beneath the reactions. Recommended image size for a reaction image is 120px x 120px transparent png. Colour for each reaction can be set through hex code in configuration settings.

Block Placement

The live reaction block makes the most sense when it is placed just beneath the live Stream/ Video-on-Demand Block. It is recommended to have the Session block to be at least 50% of the page, this provides enough space for the reactions and the equaliser.

Data Points

Although the exact count of reactions is not displayed, most clicked emoji will automatically form the highest curves on the equalizer as compared to the less often clicked emoticons. For now, data processing facilities are not available although data points of the reaction and a timestamp of when the reaction is pressed is recorded.

Reaction Limits

An attendee can react as often as clicking a reaction icon every one second. There is no limit to the number of reactions an attendee can click to.

To see how to use a ‘Live Reaction’ Block on Community Plus, please click on this article.

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