User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

As the ‘Live Reaction’ Block’ is designed to provide attendees with the option to react to the content and see others react in real-time, it is best placed beneath the ‘Live Steam’ or VOD Blocks.

Set-up Steps to add a Live Reaction Block in Community Plus

Here is how to add a Live Reaction Block in a Community Plus:

  • Go to the Jomablue Portal Login and login with the provided username and password.

  • Go to the Community section on the left-hand menu bar. Click on the Canvas.

  • Click on the Canvas where you want to add ‘Live Reaction’ Block.

  • Click on the Layout Editor, This block is best positioned within the same flex as a live stream of the video player where the width of the block is at least 50% of the page.

  • Click on the Add Block, a list of Blocks will appear, choose Live Reaction Block.

  • Live Reaction Block is now added in the Canvas. You can now add Title, configure, automate or delete the block (Note: you cannot delete the Block once it has data in it)

What are the Configuration options?

Live Reaction Block, by default, has the five reactions embedded in it that require no additional configuration. Default Live Reaction Block is given below:

You can customise your own set of reactions instead of using the default reaction bar. You can customise every reaction by configuring the following field:

  • Reaction Name

  • Image

  • Reaction Label

  • Custom Colour

What are the Interactions available for this Block?

When an attendee interacts with a Live Reaction Block,’ react’ interaction can be captured for post-event manual reporting. These ‘reactions’ are collected as data points that can provide information on:

  • Who (people) has ‘reacted’ with a Block.

  • What reactions people have responded within a Block.

Here is an example of counting by Key and limiting by canvas.

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