User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

Community Plus has a Networking Block which intelligently recommends attendees that the user may wish to connect with, and can present their name, Profile Picture, Company, Job Title, Bio, and contact information. Attendees must opt-in to become visible in the Networking feature and have full control over what is visible in their networking profile.

Set-up Steps to add Networking Block in the Community Plus

Here is how to add a Live Reaction Block in a Community Plus:

  • Go to the Jomablue Portal and log in with the provided username and password.

  • Go to the Community section on the left-hand menu bar. Click on the Canvas.

  • Click on the Canvas where you want to add ‘Networking’ Block.

  • Click on the Layout Editor.

  • Click on the Add Block, a list of Blocks will appear, choose Networking Block.

  • Networking Block is now added in the Canvas. You can now add Title, configure, automate or delete the block (Note: you cannot delete the Block once it has data in it)

Different Usage of Networking in the Community Plus

  • Intelligent Networking

Intelligent Networking makes personalized recommendations for every user by analysing a users profile and the interactions they have around the event and comparing that to every other individual.

These recommendations are presented to the user in the order of their recommendation score (highest first). Users can see the recommendation score, which is a representative number of how highly recommended they are out of 100.

  • Recommendation Frequency

Recommendations are made for users over time. With this being the case when a user first logs in to Community, they won't have any recommendations. We always recommend the users come back later to see the recommendations that have been generated for them.

  • Privacy

All users must Opt-In to Networking within their profile; by default, networking is disabled. Users also have control over what information is visible in their networking profile, such as their job title, or methods of contacting them.

  • Communicating

A person's profile will contain the methods of how they want to be contacted. Users can list their email address, Twitter handle, or mobile phone number. Upon selecting a method of contact, your device will open the relevant application for handling that contact (email addresses will open the default email client, Twitter handles will open the Twitter app, and phone numbers will open the dialler. The exceptions to this are desktop/laptop devices, where everything will be opened in a browser).

What are the Configuration options?

No configuration is available for the Networking Block.

What are the Interactions available for this Block?

Currently, no interactions are available for the Networking block.

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