User Requirements

  • Video Tables require a user to have a Webcam and access the audio hardware (mic/speaker)

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

The Video Tables Block allows users to click and join a video chat room within the Block. Attendees can share their camera and audio and talk to other people in the same room without downloading any software.

Set-up Steps to add Video Tables Block in the Community Plus

Here is how to add a Video Tables Block in a Community Plus:

  1. Go to the Jomablue Portal and log in with the provided username and password.

  2. Go to the Community section on the left-hand menu bar. Click on the Canvas.

  3. Click on the Canvas where you want to add ‘Video Tables’ Block.

  4. Click on the Layout Editor.

5. Click on the Add Block, a list of Blocks will appear, choose Video Tables Block.

6. Video Tables Block is now added in the Canvas. You can now add Title, configure, automate or delete the Block.

Usage of Video Table Block in the Community Plus

  • Attendees get to interact with other attendees through Video Tables Block and communicate with the organisers throughout the event.

  • As the attendees are interacting with the organisers in real-time through Video Table, any event related issue can be relayed to the organiser immediately and can be tackled accordingly.

  • Video Tables in Jomablue Community are limited up to 16 people at max; it’s an excellent opportunity for attendees to introduce themselves and develop a professional network.

What are the Configuration options?

Following are the configurable options available when building a Video Table.

Select Region

You can select the region closest to most of your audience on this tab.

Pixel Height

  • When the Video Tables Block is configured to show a single Video Table only, the height of the image is fixed at 70px, and the width is automatically scaled to fit.

  • When the Video Tables Block is configured to show multiple Video Tables, the image dimensions are fixed at 150px wide and 70px high.

Add Tables

You can add up to 10 Video Tables in one Block. When adding a Video Table, you can select items from a list of predetermined values that are:

1- Name

2- Optional Description of the Video Table

3- Maximum Seats (by default there are 16 seats)

4- Cloudinary image

5- Select a Region (this will override the default region)

5- Table ID ( generated automatically when Table is saved, for example, Video Table can be v1824534/LEP/06fcamal )

Terms of Services

Terms of Services can be configured in this tab.

What are the Interactions available for this Block?

When an attendee interacts with a Video Tables Block, following two interactions are recorded:

  • Video Table Join (when an attendee joins the Video Table)

  • Video Table Leave (when an attendee leaves the Video Table)

These Interactions can also be stored for post-event manual reporting.

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