User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

The Featured Speakers Block is a space that displays a list of one or more featured Speakers.

Here is how to add a Featured Speaker Block in Community Plus:

  1. Go to the Jomablue Portal and log in with the provided username and password.

  2. Go to the Community section on the left-hand menu bar. Click on the Canvas.

  3. Click on the Canvas where you want to add ‘Featured Speakers’ Block.

  4. Click on the Layout Editor.

5. Click on the Add Block, a list of Blocks will appear, choose Featured Speakers Block.

6. Featured Speakers Block is now added in the Canvas. You can now add Title, configure, automate or delete the block (Note: you cannot delete the Block once it has data in it)

What are the Configuration options?

In the Configuration section of the Featured Speakers Block Editor, you can configure the speakers you want to be featured and the order to include them.

What are the Interactions available for this Block?

When an attendee clicks on the ‘Featured Speakers’ it will expand to give a more detailed bio of the Speaker.

This interaction can also be stored for post-event manual reporting.

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