As questions and poll answers are provided by attendees via a PigeonHole Block, you may wish to make these responses visible to members of your team or external parties such as session speakers or presenters.

PigeonHole provides different access levels to enable this:

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows you to manage and view attendees responses from Q&A and Poll Sessions

In addition to the features in the Moderator Panel - the admin panel has added functionality as below:

  • Edit, Hide or Archive questions - this is useful if a question needs to be reworded, or hidden from view once it has been answered

  • If Answers are enabled - the Admin Panel allows you to add in text answers

This view is appropriate for those who need to manage and approve incoming questions from attendees.

Moderator Panel

The Moderator Panel is primarily a view-only panel that allows you to view attendees responses and mark them as answered. This view is appropriate for those who are speaking during a session and require visibility of questions being asked.

Both panels can be accessed via a URL (shared by your Jomablue project team) and do not require a logon.

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